Instant Messaging Counselling

What is Instant Messaging Counselling?

This is a conversation conducted entirely by the exchange of text messages in ‘real time’, in other words, during a pre-arrange scheduled session time on a software programme such as Skype or Chatcrypt. There is no use of cameras or microphones.

Why choose Instant Messaging counselling?

• You might feel that you express yourself better or more easily through texting than other ways of communicating
• You might find face to face therapy intimidating or uncomfortable for a variety of reasons
• You might find it easier to ‘take in’ written responses rather than verbal ones
• You might like to save the conversations to refer back to
• You might find this method fits around your life more easily and is more accessible
• You might feel more in control of the direction and pace of the sessions

Most issues that you might want to bring to traditional face to face counselling with me, can be brought to instant message counselling (however, there is an assessment process to ensure that I am the right professional for you and that email is the right medium for you).

What will I need?

• Access to a computer with adequate levels of security (I will provide you with further information about this)
• A secure, highly encrypted instant messaging account (I will provide you with further information about this)
• A private undisturbed space to have the sessions

How do I start the process?

Click here to complete the secure web form or contact me on 07974 814978