About my supervision approach:

I have an integrative approach to supervision. My aim is to help enable you to develop as a counsellor through a range of methods, reflective work, collaborative support, and providing an environment in which you can be open to your experiences and reach your own conclusions and ideas about how to work safely, ethically, creatively and effectively.

I offer supervision online and outdoors.

I have a PGC (Level 7) in Clinical Supervision from Derby University and provide supervision to therapists at all levels of experience.

The fee is £60 p/h.

For more information, see my supervision_model_2017

About my counselling approach:

I have a pluralistic sensibility and would describe my therapeutic approach as integrative with chiefly Humanistic underpinnings. My initial training was in Person-Centred Counselling and I try to adhere to many of the key Person-Centred ideas and principles, although I have come to believe through further training and experience, that it is sometimes useful to integrate other ways of working. I try to fit my way of working around the individual rather than fit individuals into a particular way of working; as such I draw on a range of ideas and approaches from the different schools of therapy, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Existential Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and different creative therapies.

My belief is that the client is largely the expert on themselves and that my expertise is in enabling an effective therapy process so that clients can come to better understand their difficulties, their mental processes, and what they need to live healthy and fulfilled lives; so the process is collaborative but led by the client.

Fostering a good, safe and nurturing relationship, whether that is with a client or a supervisee, is at the heart of what I do.