Telephone Counselling

What is telephone counselling?

We arrange a telephone call at a scheduled time and date each week. The sessions are conducted similarly to traditional therapy but without the visual cues as we’ll be relying on voice only for our communications.

Why choose telephone counselling?

• You want a stay in the comfort of your own home
• You express yourself more easily over the phone
• You don’t like to use a computer
• You find that this method fits around your life more easily and accessibly

Most issues that you might want to bring to traditional face to face counselling with me, can be brought to telephone counselling (however, there is an assessment process to ensure that I am the right professional for you and that telephone is the right medium for you).

What will I need?

• Access to a telephone at a set time/date each week
• A good phone signal
• A private undisturbed space

How do I start the process?

Click here to complete the secure web form or contact me on 07974 814978