Video Call Counselling

What is video call counselling?

This is the most similar to traditional therapy in that we meet at a scheduled time and date with our computer/laptop cameras and microphones on, in effect sitting face to face but from our own rooms.

Why choose video call counselling?

• You want a therapy that most closely resembles traditional face to face counselling but from the comfort and safety of your own home, without the need to travel
• You might feel that you express yourself better in your own space and want the option of switching camera off
• You might find being in the therapy room intimidating or uncomfortable for a variety of reasons
• You might find this method fits around your life more easily and is more accessible

Most issues that you might want to bring to traditional face to face counselling with me, can be brought to video call counselling (however, there is an assessment process to ensure that I am the right professional for you and that video call counselling is the right medium for you).

What will I need?

• Access to a computer with adequate levels of security (I will provide you with further information about this)
• A good, stable internet connection
• Video conferencing software installed on your computer, e.g. Zoom (I will provide you with further information about this)
• A private undisturbed space

How do I start the process?

Click here to complete the secure web form or contact me on 07974 814978