Walking Therapy

What is walking therapy?

Being ‘in nature’ and walking has many mental and physical benefits in itself. If you have a personal difficulty you want to address too, then walking and talking with a therapist might be a preferred option for some people to sitting in a counselling room.

Who is it for?

Most of the personal difficulties people take to counselling, such as managing anxiety, depression, loss and ‘stuckness’ of various kinds, can be worked with outdoors. However, an initial consultation involving a brief and informal assessment, either in person or over the phone or via email, will be necessary to ensure that this is right for you. As with all therapy, a contractual agreement needs to be in place so that you are clear about what is involved.

Previous clients have expressed sentiments such as finding their anxiety easier to talk about outside whilst not under the constant gaze of the therapist, others have said that the stress that comes up for them whilst taking about painful issues is released somewhat through the walking rather than having to contain it in the therapy room, and some have found that they are able to draw on the environment itself to help them therapeutically.

Where does it take place?

Many different locations, such as Endcliffe Park, Bingley Woods, Forge Dam, Whitely woods, Botanical Gardens, Wyming Brook and Eccelsall woods. I would be happy to discuss any suggestions you might have too.

There is also the option of combining indoor and outdoor therapy.

How much does it cost?

The fees are the same as for indoor therapy, i.e. £60 per session.

We arrange to meet at an outside location in Sheffield at a set time/date each week. We ‘walk and talk’ side by side instead of sitting opposite one another in a therapy room. To an extent, I will lead the way and ensure that we are back to where we started within the hour.

Why choose Walking Therapy?

• You find it easier to talk about difficult issues whilst moving and/or not having to hold eye contact
• You don’t like technology and/or therapy rooms
• You like the idea of benefiting from exercise whilst having therapy and the idea that you can expend some of the stress or tension that arises in real time through movement
• You feel safer and/or calmer and/or soothed somehow by being outdoors
• You like the idea of drawing on the natural environment as part of the therapy

Most issues that you might want to bring to traditional face to face counselling with me, can be brought to walking therapy (however, there is an assessment process to ensure that I am the right professional for you and that walking therapy is right for you).

What will I need?

• All weathers walking gear
• A phone (optional)

How do I start the process?

Click here to complete the secure web form or contact me on 07974 814978